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Minispec TD-NMR Analyzers

the minispec TD-NMR Analyzers

Bruker Optics' minispec group provides award winning time-domain benchtop NMR instruments for dedicated applications in both QC and R&D.


the minispec mq-one series

the minispec mq-one series of TD-NMR systems offer easy-to-install, ready-to-measure benchtop analyzer for your dedicated and norm-compliant QA/QC applications. Solid Fat Content and Spin Finish analysis are provided among others with improved stability and reproducibility.

mq series

the minispec mq series

the minispec mq series is a user friendly, state of the art benchtop
TD-NMR spectrometer for dependable and upgradable QA/QC tasks as well as dedicated R&D applications. Typical examples are droplet-size determination in emulsions and MRI contrast agent research.

minispec LF-series

the minispec LF-series

the minispec LF-series provides the perfect tool for whole-body body composition analysis of rodents, like mice and rats. Benchtop NMR technology is utilized to non-invasively quantify fat and lean content measured on life animals. Further, the LF90II opens up new application fields of benchtop NMR.

minispec ProFiler

the minispec ProFiler

the minispec ProFiler is a single-sided NMR instrument for relaxation measurements. Typical examples encompass QC on tires as well as through packing fat determination on diary products like coffee cream.

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