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Sample Preparation Tools


The EZYPRESS™ 48 is designed to process SPE Columns of 1 ml, 3 ml, and 6 ml capacity in batches of 1 to 48 samples.
The EZYPRESS™ 48 provides a positive pressure for Solid Phase Extraction using dry inert pressurized air, nitrogen or other inert gases. The standard hardware provided with the unit is designed for 1 ml columns, with elution using 12 x 75 mm test-tubes.
The EZYPRESS™ 48 Positive Pressure Processor is the ideal accessory for Solid Phase Extraction applications with the ability to provide set pressure levels for conditioning, sample transfer, wash steps, along with the line pressure for drying prior to the elution step.

OroFlex Personal Pipettor Deluxe

OroFlex Personal Pipettor Deluxe is an affordable, compact and easy-to-use multichannel pipetting system. OroFlex Personal Pipettor Deluxe can be used for a variety of liquid handling tasks including reagent & solvent addition, plate replication, plate reformatting, and serial dilutions by rows or columns.

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