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K-Prep Lab, Pilot & Production Scale HPLC Systems from Kyoto Chromato

K-Prep series: Prep-HPLC system with preparative fraction collection

Our fully automated preparative liquid chromatographs are ideal for the isolation and purification of high-value substances such as drugs (API), additives, and fine-chemical products. Three basic types of systems are offered depending on your scale of operation. Systems are available for purifications from lab through pilot to production-scale. Each system features:

  • Fully automated continuous operation capability via computer control
  • Interactive interface
  • Precise and speedy isolation by isocratic or gradient elution chromatography
  • Compactness, portability, and simplicity
  • Provision of security function
  • Design features aiming at easy maintenance
  • Easily expandable instrumentation
  • Compatibility with GLP/GMP validation
  • Numerous options including column recycle
  • System features are customizable for your purification needs (eg. High or low pressure operation, automated injection, UV, pH, conductivity probes, etc.)

  • K-Prep LAB

    Application: For purposes such as discovery and development and investigation of commercial feasibility

    K-Prep LAB
    K-Prep LAB
    Standard Specifications
    Standard column size Diam. 20, 30, 50 and 100mm
    Pump double plunger cam
    Flow Rate 100, 300mL/min
    Type single gradient
    Detector ultra-violet spectrometer detector
    Maximum Pressure 15MPa (100mL/min), 10MPa (300mL/min)
    Pressure gauge digital pressure gauge (per PC)
    Fraction 10ch (20ch)
    Sample injection auto-injector
    Control and display laptop PC or programmable computer
    Options various

    K-Prep FC

    Application: Commercialization investigation or industrial use.

    K-Prep FC
    Standard Specifications
    Standard column size Diam. 50, 100, 150 and 200mm
    Pump double plunger cam
    Flow Rate 500, 1000 mL/min
    Type single gradient
    Detector UV spectrometer detector
    Maximum Pressure 10MPa
    Pressure gauge digital pressure gauge (displayed on PC)
    Fraction 5ch
    Sample injection automatic (50mL, 100mL)
    Control and display PC with touch-screen display
    Options various

    K-Prep EX

    Application: Each unit is custom-designed. The control software runs on Window OS using a PC and is capable of automated operation. The system may be validated for operation in GMP environments. EX Systems may be configured for operation in hazardous areas.

    K-Prep EX Depicted in this photograph is an example system with a flow rate of 26L/min, a UV detector, and columns measuring 450mm in the internal radius.

    Download K- Prep specifications (pdf, 1.04mb, Adobe Reader required).

    KROMATON, expert in Centrifugal Partition Chromatography
    The alternative to standard preparative techniques

    KROMATON is an innovating firm pionneer in Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC).

    Since 1999, we have been developing a wide range of complete FCPC® systems (Fast Centrifugal Partition Chromatography), for the extraction, separation and purification of natural, biological or synthetic molecules.

    FCPC C

    Ultra Fast CPC

    FCPC A

    Flexible for Easy Scale Up

    FCPC B &D

    Industrial Scale CPC

    Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC), or Countercurrent Chromatography (CCC), is a liquid/liquid preparative chromatography technique. It is considered today as the true and proven alternative to standard techniques such as HPLC or Flash Chromatography:

  • No costly solid packing material
  • No sample loss and 100% recovery
  • No denaturation of fragile molecules
  • Low solvent consumption

  • An effective, soft and cost-efficient technique
    Benefiting from the Rousselet Robatel Group know-how, our range of Centrifugal Partition Chromatography systems FCPC® are designed and manufactured for research and development laboratories, pilot plants as well as industrial production plants in the chemical-pharmaceutical industries, cosmetics, biotechnologies or natural products field.

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