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DissoClean Mark I( 반자동 Vessels,Paddle Inplace washer ststem)


4분만에 6개 vessels,paddle 를 있는 상태에서 세척


세미나 동안에 질문들 입니다.확인하십시요



1.   As emptying the waste tank can be quite difficult because of its weight, is there any way to empty it without having to lift it?

Ans: Yes. 

1.    Rather than evacuating the medium from the vessel into the waste tank, we can provide a length of hose (up to 10m) that will allow the user to drain the dissolution vessel medium directly into a sink.

2.    We will provide two hoses.  One is color coded red and the other black. Disconnect the red and black nozzle hoses from the Main Unit and connect the two hoses we provided. The end of the red color coded hose should be placed in the waste tank.  The end of the black color coded hose should be placed in a drain sink or where ever.  Disconnect the Wash Cycle Signal Connector and turn on the Main Switch. The Waste Tank should be evacuated in about 5 minutes.  The black coded drain hose can be of any length.  The pump is strong enough to evacuate into a sink that is 2.5 meters above the DCM 1 unit.­


2.   If a tablet has not been completely dissolved can the DissoClean be used to suck the granules out?

Ans:  If the granules are less than 5mm in diameter the DissoClean can purge them along with the spent media.  Anything larger may damage the Nozzle Assembly. In this case the customer will need to removethe granules manually or grind themin the vessels and then use the DissoClean unit to purge the spent media.

3.   What should be done if a tablet accidently lodges in a nozzle?

If a tablet lodges in the nozzle, reverse the nozzle connections to see ifit can be forced out by pressing the Wash Cycle Start Switch.

4.   Can the system clean vessels containing HCI 0.1N?

Ans: Yes, it can.  However, you will need to neutralize the waste in the Waste LiquidTank by mixing in something like sodium hydroxide before discarding. Actually UNIFLEX has a special neutralizing system utilizing our proprietary mixer called InterCycloneMixer.

5.    Is it possible to add “deconex”in the water tank for media which is very sticky and hard to rinse?
No.  To ensure that the tank is always clean please do not use “deconex”
 Instead, introduce an appropriate amount of“deconex2 into the
vessels first and then use DissoClean Mark 1 to clean up. Strong
solvents will not cause damage to DissoClean.


A Better Option: We find the DissoClean to be very effective at cleaning up very sticky media without the need of a solvent. This is especially true the case if Uniflex’s special water heating apparatus is used to heat the washing liquid to 55 degrees centigrade. The apparatus comprises a heating rod, thermometer and our proprietary mixer - InterCycloneMixer.

6.    Can water be used with 30% ethanol to wash the vessels?
Ans: For the reason given above, use only purified water in the wash tank.
However, you can introduce a solvent mixture into the vessels and then
use DissoClean to evacuate it. Please consider using“A Better Option”as outlined in #4 above.

7.   If the DissoClean is not used for a period of time won’t the residual water cause bacteria grow inside?

Ans: Since the washing liquid should always be DWI there should be no as bacteria will not grow in DWI. However, if there are doubts, please follow these steps when storing and reusing DissoClean.

a.  When the DissoClean unit is no longer needed, remove
the hose from the washing liquid tank. Thereafter, place the washing
nozzle into an empty bucket and push the wash cycle start switch 10
times or so until there is no longer any water coming from the washing
nozzle which means there is no longer any water in the pumps.


b.  In order to dry the inside of the drain hose keep the main switch
in the ON position. The air being sucked there through will dry the
inside of the drainage hose.


c.  Next, disconnect all hoses from the DissoClean unit. Drain
by holding them vertically so that the water drains into an empty


d.  Do the same with the nozzle by holding the tip of the nozzle


e.  When DissoClean is used, as a standard procedure, you should operate it several times before carrying out the actual wash.


8.    Is the PadWash able to wash the inside of a sampling shaft?
Ans:   No. The hollow shafts must be washed by the dissolution
tester pump unit as usual. PadWash is used to clean the outside of the


9.    Why do you recommend the EPBS Heating System?
Glass is best cleaned with water at a temperature of around 55
degrees centigrade. A problem, however, is homogenizing the temperature
of the water throughout the hot water container.  Another problem is
that many water heaters continue to operate even when the water container is
empty thus creating a hazard. Uniflex has been able to overcome these
issues by using an Empty Baking Prevention Heater to heat the water and
Uniflex’s unique InterCycloneMixer to ensure temperature
homogenization of the water. Please see the Performance Data of the
Empty Baking Prevention Heater. The water temperature at
the top and bottom of the container will virtually be the same.

10. There is water remaining at the bottom of the vessel after washing. Does DissoClean also dry the vessels or do I need to wipe them dry.

Ans: If the DissoClean has been operated properly, the amount of residual water should be less than 1ml.  Since the temperature of the bath is 37˚C the water will evaporate in a few seconds.  It is up to the SOP as to whether or not to wipe the inside of the vessel.


11. Does the washing nozzle fit all dissolution vessels regardless of their depth?

Ans: If the customer tells us which dissolution vessels DissoClean will be used on, we will make the adjustment before shipping out.  Otherwise, the customer can adjust the vessel cover on the nozzle assembly to the appropriate depthby loosening the screw that holds he cover in place.

12. What are the dimensions and weight of the DissoClean Units?

Ans:Mark1: 2cartons (65x33x54cm/16.8kg, 51x41x37cm/3.4kg)*

Mark2: 1carton (110x80x137cm/111kg)

*The dimensions and weight could be slightly different depending on what is ordered.



13. As the media waste has to be stored for further treatment, is it possible to have one container for the media waste and one for the washing waste?

Ans:Yes, it is possible to have separate containers for the media and washing waste solutions for the Mark 1. However, an additional step needed.  It would require connecting a dedicated Waste-out Hose to the Waste Tank connector on the DissoClean Mark 1 for draining the media into the media solution container. Thereafter, you should insert the nozzle into the vessel to be drained and turn on the Main Switch.  When a dry sucking sound is heard coming from the nozzle tip you should remove the nozzle from the emptied vessel and insert it into the next vessel.  You should continue doing this until all of the vessels have been drained.  Thereafter you will need to reconnect the Wash-out hose to the Waste Tank connector and then wash and drain the vessels by pressing the Wash Cycle Start Switch.


14. How much time can I save by using DissoClean?

Ans: It depends on who is doing the washing.  However, recently, I had the opportunity to visit 5 users of dissolution testers in Singapore and Indonesia.  On average they had 3 testers and ran tests 3 to 4 times per day.  On average it took 20 to 30 minutes to wash the vessels by hand.  This meant that they spending at least 3 hours per day washing dissolution tester vessels. Had they used DissoClean theywould have saved about 2.5 hours which could have been used for more dissolution runs or innovative activities.


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