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제목 User Manual- Vacuum Manifold MicroPlate-ORVMN96
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User Manual- Vacuum Manifold MicroPlate-ORVMN96
User’s Manual    Vacuum Manifold    ORVMN96
Vacuum Manifold For  Microplates
Orochem Technologies Inc. 340 Shuman Blvd  Naperville IL 60563 (630) 2108300,  (630) 210-8315 (FAX)
INTRODUCTION: The vacuum manifold (Part Number: ORVMN96) is compatible with 0.65 ml / 1.0 ml / 2.0 ml Filter Plates, with elution capabilities into 0.65 ml / 1.0 ml / 2.0 ml collection plates as shown in Figure 1.  
                                                 Figure 1. Vacuum Manifold
The key features include:
 The anodized vacuum manifold block is optimized for multiwall Filter Plates, with elution capabilities into SBS footprint collection plates. The vacuum manifold is compatible with filter plates from Orochem Technologies, 3M, Qiagen, Millipore and others.
 Adjustable vacuum metering valve, with quick release feature allows the end-user complete control of the process.
 The spacer block has been optimized to reduce the space between collection plate and the filter plate during vacuum filtration.
 Automation friendly for robotic integration for standard liquid handling systems.
 Open gasket design excellent seating of the filter blocks into the vacuum manifold
The standard Vacuum Manifold (Part Number: ORVMN96) consists of: 1. Vacuum Manifold Top and Bottom Blocks 2. Spacer 3. Spare Gasket
Please call Orochem Technologies or your local distributor immediately if you notice any damage to the packaging or the processor upon arrival.
METHODOLOGY: Figure 2. shows the close-up view of the vacuum manifold showing the metering valve with the quick release valve. The vacuum gauge clearly shows the operating vacuum level in the manifold.
         Figure 2. Vacuum Manifold Details
Use a standard ¼” ID tubing compatible with vacuum to connect the vacuum manifold to the vacuum pump. A standard ¼” HP vacuum pump is normally recommended.
To use the vacuum manifold, first adjust the desired vacuum level in the manifold, by adjusting the metering valve. The waste liquid during the wash and the sample transfer steps are collected into a waste reservoir. During the elution step, use the spacer if necessary to ensure proper elution into the collection plate. To release the vacuum in the manifold, close the shut-off valve, and press the quick release valve.
Figure 3. shows the spacer used for collection into standard 0.35 ml collection plate, using 2ml Orochem filter plate.
                       Figure 3. Vacuum Manifold with Spacer of 350 l Collection Plates
Please keep the surface of the gasket material clean at all time, use a wet towel to remove spills immediately. Clean the inside of the manifold bottom, in case of spillage. Please ensure that one uses a waste reservoir or collection plate in the manifold base at all times.
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